Mistletoe tea

Mistletoe teaNetto : 70 gram

Price : IDR

Mistletoe tea is a parasite that attaches to the tea tree. According to Richter in Phytochemistry No. 31 (1992), mistletoe contains many flavonoids, such as chalcones, flavanones, c-glycoflavonols and flavan-3-ols.
Through research note, asparaginase activity in the parasite tea can hydrolyze asparagine. Asparaginase is an enzyme that plays a role catalytic hydrolysis of asparagine into aspartic acid and ammonia. So that cancer cells asparagine deficiency resulting in cell death.

Benefits of mistletoe tea :

  1. Help treat various cancers / tumors, such as uterine cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and cancerous cysts.
  2. Help for the treatment of kidney stone disease, goiter.
  3. Help lower cholesterol and blood sugar.
  4. Helps to lower high blood pressure, back pain (rheumatic, arthritic, etc.).
  5. Smoothes facial skin, making youthful.


Red Ginger

Red GingerNetto : 80 gram

Price : IDR

The content of the chemical compound consisting of a red ginger gingerol, zingeron, and shogaol. In addition it contains 1-4% red ginger essential oils and oleoresin. Essential oils in a red ginger also has components other compounds that consist of zingerberin, kamfena, lemonin, zingiberen, zingiberal, gingeral and shogaol as well as other content such as oil resins, starch, organic acids, malic acid, acid aksolat and gingerin.

Red ginger (Zingiber officinale var. Rubrum) can be used as a medicinal ingredient of which is

  1. To relieve pain and stiff
  2. Overcome premature ejaculation
  3. The activity of the central nervous stimulant
  4. Stimulate the ability bereksi
  5. Amplifier liver function
  6. Strengthen the immune system / immune
  7. Increase production of normal lymph
  8. Prevent infertility
  9. Strengthen the endurance of sperm
  10. Stimulate improvement and development of the nerves of the body
  11. Body warmers
  12. Regenerates skin cells of the body
  13. Prevent premature aging
  14. Anesthetics
  15. Prevent and treat colds
  16. Laxatives or drug to treat constipation or BAB
  17. Antirheumatic
  18. Overcome sore throat (bronchitis)
  19. To relieve muscle pain, allergies, menstrual pain, stomach pain
  20. To relieve back pain
  21. Overcoming impotence
  22. Stamina
  23. Treating dizziness and tonsils
  24. Addressing and treating asthma


Andrographis paniculata

Andrographis paniculataNetto : 70 gram

Price : IDR

Andrographis paniculata containing laktone consisting of deoksiandrografolid, andrografolid (bitter substances), neondrografolid, 14-deoxy-11-12-didehidroandrografolid, and homoandrografolid. It also contains flavonoids, alkane, ketone, aldehyde, minerals (potassium, calcium, sodium), acid grit, and resin. Flavotoid isolated most of the roots, namely polimetoksiflavon, andrografin, panikulin, mono-0-metilwithin, and apigenin-7,4- dimetileter. The active substance andrografolid proved efficacious as a hepatoprotective (protects liver cells from toxic substances).

Andrographis paniculata can treat a variety of diseases, including:

  1. Treating typhoid
  2. Treating bacillary dysentery
  3. Treating diarrhea
  4. Treating inflammation of the airways
  5. Treating pneumonia
  6. Treat dysentery
  7. Treat influenza
  8. Treating headaches
  9. Treating a fever
  10. Treating pulmonary tuberculosis
  11. Treating whooping cough or pertussis
  12. Treating high blood pressure
  13. Treating pneumonia
  14. Treating inflammation of the mouth
  15. Treating strep tonsillitis
  16. Treat pharyngitis or tonsillitis
  17. Treat a runny nose or rhinorrhea
  18. Tenah treat ear infections (OMA)
  19. Treating toothache
  20. Treating diabetes
  21. Treating typhoid
  22. Treating strep throat
  23. Treat poisonous snake bites and stings of venomous animals
  24. Treating malaria


Black Seed

Black seedNetto: 80 gram

Price : IDR

Cumin / Seed (Nigella sativa) contains essential oils that consist of carvon, limonene, pcymene, trans-anethole. The potential of essential oils in general are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and can warm the stomach. Besides black cumin also contains selenium compounds, saponins, tocopherols, thymoquinone and thymol.

In addition to the chemical composition and content of diverse active components, black cumin nutritional content is also quite high. Judging from the content of amino acids and fatty acids, black cumin contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids 10.

Among them, serine, aspartic acid, methionine, phenylalanine, glutamic acid, tyrosine, lysine, and arginine. As well as 7 types of 10 non-essential amino acids, including alanine, valine, glycine, isoleucine, leucine, proline, and threonine.

Black cumin seeds also contain some essential fatty acids (essential fatty acids), including myristic, palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic (Omega-6), linolenic acid (Omega-3), and arachidonic.

Black cumin benefits for our bodies, among others:

  1. Stimulate the regeneration of beta cells in the pancreas of diabetics die.
  2. Prevent radiation-induced heart damage. This is all because the content thymoquinone in black cumin extract that protects the heart from damage experimental attack.
  3. Prevent morphine dependence. Alcoholic extract of black cumin reducing one’s dependence on morphine.
  4. Preventing kidney damage associated with diabetes. Thymoquinone extracts of black cumin has a protective effect on experimental diabetic nephropathy.
  5. Prevent post-operative adhesions. Black cumin will cover the peritoneal surface after post-surgical trauma or surgery.
  6. Prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Thymoquinone in black cumin extract has a protective effect on experimental diabetes and prevent neurotoxicity.
  7. Suppress the growth of breast cancer. Thymoquinone extract inhibits tumor growth and induces programmed cell death (apoptosis) in breast cancer.
  8. Prevent brain pathology associated with Parkinson’s disease.
  9. Kill glioblastoma cells causes brain cancer.
  10. Kill leukemia cells by inducing apoptosis mitochondria in acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
  11. Preventing diabetes pathology. The content thymoquinone be therapeutic agent to kill cancer cells of the cervix.
    Prevent brain damage.
    Kill mouth cancer cells.



Tinospora Crispa

Tinospora crispaNetto : 70 gram

Price : IDR

Tinospora crispa / Tinospora tuberculata contain a variety of substances, such as alkaloids, glycosides, berberine, Harsha, palmatin, tinokrisposia, kolombin, and kaokolin. Berberina alkaloid content useful to kill the bacteria in the wound, while the pikroretin bitter substances can stimulate the nerves work so respirators work properly and to intensify the exchange of substances so as to reduce the heat.

Brotowali benefits, among others:

  1. Treating rheumatic arthritis
  2. Treating rheumatic joints
  3. Treating a fever
  4. Treating yellow fever
  5. Treating diabetes / diabetes
  6. Treating malaria
  7. Treating bruises, scabies and wounds


Betel (Piper Betle)

BetelNetto : 70 gram

Prica : IDR

Betel (piper betle) have content that is very much at all for health and beauty, because the green betel leaf contains kavibetol, phenyl propane, essential oils, hidroksikavicol, estragol, kavicol, allylpyrokatekol, caryophyllene, cyneole, cadinene, diastase, tannin, starch, sesquiterpene, tepennena and sugar.

Some of the benefits of green betel leaf, including:

  1. Treat asthma
  2. Treating strep throat
  3. Eliminate body odor
  4. Treating eczema
  5. Prevent and eliminate stubborn acne
  6. Treat sore eyes
  7. Launched an irregular menstruation
  8. As repellent as mosquitoes, flies and ants
  9. As a remedy nosebleed
  10. Eliminate bad breath
  11. overcoming whitish
  12. Treat toothache and swollen gums
  13. Treat dengue
  14. Treat burns



Netto : 70 gram

Price : IDR

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) has 7 x vitamin C in oranges, 4 x calcium in milk, 4 x vitamin A in carrots, 2 x protein in milk and 3 x potassium in bananas.

The main benefits of Moringa leaves, among others:

  1. Increases the body’s natural resistance
  2. Refresh the eyes and the brain
  3. Meningktkan body metabolism
  4. Improve the body’s cell structure
  5. Increase serum cholesterol naturally
  6. Reduce wrinkles and lines on the skin
  7. Increase the normal liver and kidney function
  8. beautify the skin
  9. Increases energy
  10. facilitate digestion
  11. antioxidants
  12. Maintaining the immune system
  13. Improve the circulation system healthy
  14. Anti-inflammatory
  15. Supports the body’s sugar levels normal

Myrmecodia Tuberosa

Myrmecodia tuberosaNetto : 25 gram

Price : IDR

Myrmecodia tuberosa can treat various diseases, including:
1. Cancer and tumors
Some types of cancer and tumors, both benign and even malignant, such as brain cancer, nose cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, and blood cancer (leukemia), except cancer of the throat and oral cavity. This is because of the flavonoid.
2. cardiac disorders, especially coronary heart disease
3. mild or severe stroke
Treatment of stroke associated with multi-mineral content contained in the ant nest.
4. Piles (haemorrhoids)
Ability ant nest treatment for hemorrhoids (piles) associated with the flavonoid and its high tannin.
5. A lump in the breast-bejolan
What is meant by lumps in the breast is not a tumor swelling (non-neoplastic).
6. Renal dysfunction and prostate
7. Haid and whitish
8. Blood circulation
9. Migraine (headaches)
10. Lung disease (TBC)
11. Arthritis (gout)
It is associated with the ability of flavonoids that act as enzyme xanthine oxidase inhibitors and anti-oxidants, and tocopherol as anti-oxidants and multi-mineral contained in the ant nest.
12. Nasal allergic disorders, nosebleeds, sneezing
13. Heartburn


Black Pepper

NBlack pepperetto : 100 gram

Price : IDR

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) contains a fairly high content of antioxidants and can prevent free radicals. Black pepper also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, lycopene, carotene, cryptixanthin, and zea-xanthin.

Benefits of black pepper, among others:

  1. prevent cancer
  2. Help the effectiveness of digestion
  3. Help you lose weight
  4. Helps relieve gas
  5. Helps overcome relieve nasal congestion and cough
  6. Natural anti-depressant


Typhonium flagelliforme

Typhonium flagelliformeNetto : 100 gram

Price : IDR

Typhonium flagelliforme compounds containing elements such as alkaloids, triterpenoids, polyphenols, arginine, tritofan, fitol. In the rat taro leaf compounds containing elements such as decanoic acid hexa, octa decanoic acid, lauric nature, kapriat acid, and koniferin. While in the trunk compounds containing elements such as cerebrosides, daukasterol and inacktivating ribosome protein (RIP).

Typhonium flagelliforme for health benefits, among others:

  1. Inhibits the growth of tumor cells
  2. Inhibits the growth of cancer cells
  3. Reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy
  4. As anti-viral and anti-bacterial
  5. As detoxification of toxins drugs and cigarettes
  6. Overcoming Diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
  7. Treat hypertension (high blood pressure)
  8. Improve stamina and immune system
  9. Help alleviate heart failure
  10. Cure influenza, cough, reducing phlegm, headache
  11. Anti-asthma
  12. Inhibit swelling and inflammation
  13. overcoming bloating
  14. Apanacea liver disease