The raw materials of herb we would like to offer:

No Description Of Goods Price (IDR) Condition
1 Imperata cylindrica 20,000.00/kg Dried roots
2 Zingiber purpureum 45,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
3 Clinacanthus nutans 27,000.00/kg Dried herbs
4 Ziziphus mauritiana 55,000.00/kg Dried leaves
5 Zingiber Officinale var. Rubrum (Red Ginger) 80,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
6 Moringa oleifera 40,000.00/kg Dried leaves
7 Garcinia mangostana 22,000.00/kg Dried rinds
8 Orthosiphon aristatus 20,000.00/kg Dried leaves
9 Curcuma alba 50,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
10 Curcuma domestica (Turmeric) 23,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
11 Zingiber zerumbet 20,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
12 Phaleria macrocarpa 55,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
13 Morinda citrifolia 25,000.00/kg Dried slice fruits
14 Phyllanthus niruri 30,000.00/kg Dried herbs
15 Andrographis paniculata 20,000.00/kg Dried herbs
16 Abrus precatorius 75,000.00/kg Dried herbs
17 Curcuma xhanthorrhiza 18,000.00/kg Dried slice rhizomes
18 Swietenia mahagoni (Sky fruits) 40,000.00/kg Dried seeds
19 Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) 90,000.00 Liquid
20 Palm Sugar Powder
21 Coconut Sugar Powder

1. Bulk Quantity
2. Place of Origin : Yogyakarta – Indonesia
3. Packaging :
4. Term of Payment : L/C or T/T
5. Shipping fees : Exclude

Red Ginger

jenis-jenis-jahe-merahChemical content of red ginger consists of gingerol, zingeron, and shogaol. In addition, red ginger contains 1-4% of essential oils and oleoresin. Essential oils in red ginger rhizome also have other compound components consisting of zingerberin, kamfena, lemonin, zingiberen, zingiberal, gingeral and shogaol and other contents such as dammar oil, starch, organic acid, malic acid, acetic acid and gingerin.

Red Ginger (Zingiber Officinale var. rubrum) can be used as a medicinal material such as

  1. To relieve pain and stiff rheumatic pain
  2. Overcoming premature ejaculation
  3. Stimulate the activity of the central nervous system
  4. Stimulate the ability to bereksi
  5. Amplifier liver function
  6. Strengthen the immune system / immune system
  7. Increases lymph production normally
  8. Prevent infertility
  9. Strengthen sperm endurance
  10. Stimulate the improvement and development of the nerves of the body
  11. Body warmers
  12. Regenerates skin cells of the body
  13. Prevent the process of premature aging
  14. Anesthetic
  15. Prevent and treat colds
  16. Laxatives or medications to overcome constipation or bowel movements
  17. Antirematic
  18. Overcoming strep throat (bronchitis)
  19. To relieve muscle pain, allergies, menstrual pain, stomach pain
  20. To relieve back pain
  21. Overcoming impotence
  22. Increase stamina
  23. Treating dizziness and tonsillitis
  24. Overcome and treat asthma
Price : IDR 80,000.00/kg
Condition : Dried slice rhizomes
Place of Origin : Yogyakarta – Indonesia
Packaging :
Quantity : Bulk
Term of Payment : L/C or T/T
Shipping fees : Exclude